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Time 2: Days, months, hours of the day

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Ku wa mbere
Monday: literally meaning "the first day"
Ku wa kabiri
Ku wa gatatu
Ku wa kane
Ku wa gatanu
Ku wa gatandatu
Ku cyumweru
Ukwa mbere
First month
Ukwa kabiri
second month
Ukwa gatatu
the third month
ukwa kane
fourth month
ukwa gatanu
fifth month
ukwa gatandatu
sixth month
ukwa garindwi
seventh month
ukwa munani
eighth month
ukwa cyenda
ninth month
ukwa cumi
tenth month
ukwa cumi na kumwe
eleventh month
ukwa cumi na biri
twelfth month
saa moya
7 o'clock (first hour)
saa mbili
8 o'clock (second hour)
saa tatu
9 o'clock (third hour)
saa yine
10 o'clock (fourth hour)
saa tanu
11 o'clock (fifth hour)
saa sita
12 o'clock (sixth hour)
saa saba
1 o'clock (seventh hour)
saa munane
2 o'clock (eighth hour)
saa cyenda
3 o'clock (ninth hour)
saa kumi
4 o'clock (tenth hour)
saa kumi n'imwe
5 o'clock (eleventh hour)
saa kumi n'ebyiri
6 o'clock (twelfth hour)
saa moya za mu igitonde
7 in the morning
saa munane manywa
2 o'clock during the day (2 pm)
saa kumi n'ebyiri za nimogoroba
6 in the evening (6 pm)
saa cyenda za ninjoro
3 in the night (3 am)
saa moya zirabura irindwi
7 minutes to 7
saa moya zirenzeho iminota itanu
5 minutes past 7