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A mon avis
in my opinion
Quel est son avis?
What is his/her opinion ?
Je n'ai vraiment pas d'opinion
I don't have an opinion
Je n'en sais rien
I have no idea
C'est possible
It's possible
Il paraît que. .
It seems that
Je crois que. .
I believe that
Je trouve que. .
I find that
Je suis absolument convaincu(e) que. .
I am absolutely convinced that
Par contre. .
On the other hand
C'est ce que je pense.
That's what I think
Il/Elle a raison.
He/She is correct
Je suis d'accord avec. .
I agree with
Je ne suis pas d'accord. .
I don't agree
to conclude
to criticize
to defend
to show
to recommend
to explain