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Carbon the backbone of life

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A rational account for a set of observations, based on available data and guided by inductive reasoning. It must lead to predictions that can be experimentally tested.
A scientific test, carried out under controlled conditions.
Is reasoning in which premises are viewed as supplying strong evidence for the truth of the conclusion. It flows from specific to general.
Inductive reasoning
Is reasoning in which form one or more premises we can reach a certain logical conclusion. It flows from general to specific.
Deductive reasoning
It is an experiment designed to compare a test/experimental group to a control group.
Control experiment
It is a general concept supported by a great body of evidence. It is broader then a hypothesis , oftentimes general enough to include many hypotheses.
Scientific theory
A cell is lifes fundamental unit of structure and function.
It can be tested by experiment and deductive reasoning.
How can you test a hypothesis?
Life requires the transfer and transformation of energy and matter.
What does life require?
What was the first molecule synthesized in the lab?
It is a factor measured in the experiment.
Dependent variable
It is a factor manipulated by researchers.
Independent variable
The electron configuration of carbon (2 electrons in the inner shell, and 4 in the outer shell available for covalent bonds) makes it covalently compatible with many elements.
Why is carbon important to life?
It is a molecular bond that involves the sharing of electron pairs between atoms.
What is a covalent bond?
What is NH2-CO-NH2?
Methane (CH4), hydrogen (H2), ammonia (NH3) and water vapors.
What were the gases in the Stanley Miller experiment?
There were a few proposed scenarios: 1) primordial soup, 2) electric spark, 3) deep sea vents, 4) chilly start, 5) clay theory, 6) panspermia
How could the organic molecules that define life have been created?