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How many valence electrons are in the outer shell of the carbon atom?
What -OH known as a functional group?
What is -CO known as functional group?
Carboxilic acid
What is -COOH known as functional group?
What is -NH2 known as a functional group?
What is -SH known as a functional group?
What is -PO4 2-?
What is -CH3?
During this reaction a water molecule is removed and a new covalent bond is formed.
What happens during a dehydration reaction?
During this reaction a water molecule is introduced which helps break a covalent bond.
What happens during hydrolysis?
Adenosine triphosphate
What does ATP stand for?
Adenosine diphosphate
What does ADP stand for?
Adenosine monophosphate
What does AMP stand for?
Because of it's high potential to react with water and to release energy in the process.
Why is ATP an important source of energy?
Living matter is made mostly of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen
What does living matter mostly consist of?
A long molecule consisting of many similar or identical building blocks linked by covalent bonds.
What is a polymer?
The repeating units that serve as the building units of a polymer.
What is a monomer?
It is an intermediate compound between a monomer and a polymer.
What is an oligomer?
A dimer is an oligomer consisting of 2 structurally similar monomers joined by weak (intermolecular) or strong bonds (covalent)
What is a dimer?
It is a sugar or a sugar polymer.
What is a carbohydrate?
Generally is a molecule formed of multiple units of CH2O.
What is a monosaccharide?