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no special ability's and are a bit slow
baby zombie
same as zombies but are small and they can run
zombie villager
same as zombies but have diffirent skin
they like to stalk players and shoot them from afar
small things that can get through low spaces and can climb, in the sun they wont attack unless attacked
they explode when close enough but take about 5 seconds, and can live in the sun
they can throw potions at you and can drink potions
tall and will only attack you if you look at their eyes or attack them
cave spider
smaller then normal spider and when they bite you you will be poisoned, can live in sun
spider jockey
a skeleton riding a spider
chicken jockey
baby zombie riding a chicken
silver fish
small spikey things that live in deep caves and hide in rocks if you break a silver fish block then many others will wake up
same as zombie but do not burn in sunlight, avoid water and are rarer
there are 3 levels of it, large, medium, small, the small do no damage