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AS 1.3.1 - Compression, Encryption and Hashing

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the re-encoding of data into a form that uses fewer bits of information than the original data
Compression is used to reduce the storage space of files on disk and to allow data to be shared and ...
Compression is needed because ISPs and mobile phone networks impose charges and limits on ...
load quickly
Compression is needed because websites with images on them need to ...
Compression is needed for music and video streaming in order to reduce...
a temporary storage area where a certain amount of data is downloaded to when streaming audio or video, before it plays that section
compression where unnecessary information is removed from the original file, and when it is uncompressed, the data lost cannot be recovered, meaning the file will not go back to its original form
compression where all information is retained, so that when it is uncompressed, the original data can be perfectly reconstructed
In lossy compression, the degree to which a file is compressed, comes at the cost of ...
MP3 files use lossy compression to remove quiet sounds played at the same time as loud ones, and to remove frequencies higher than humans can...
image format using lossy compression
lossless compression works by recording patterns in data, so that a computer can reverse the procedure and reproduce the original file with exact ...
lossless compression is important in text files such as program files as lost characters / information would result in ...
original file
lossy compression often creates a smaller file than files compressed through lossless compression, even though these are still smaller than the ...