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1.5.2 - Moral and Ethical Issues

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In 2015, there were a ... less bookstores in the UK than in 2005
47 people
Amazon employs 14 people to generate $10 million in sales while a bookshop would need to employ ... to generate this amount
When Instagram was sold in 2012, it was only employing ... full-time employees
Iceland is ranked ... in world for power reliability, which is suitable for data centres as they need a constant source of energy
The computer-controlled machine used for radiation treatment, called ... , greatly overdosed 6 patients in 2 years, causing 3 of them to die
In 1988, the missile cruiser U.S.S. Vincennes shot down a civilian airline plane, mistaking it for an attacking military aircraft, causing all ... passengers to die
IBM's Watson
... is being used to help diagnose patients and treat cancer by using AI techniques
1 in 20
It is estimated that ... US adults are misdiagnosed by their doctor each year
internet censorship
the control or suppression of what can be accessed, viewed or published on the internet
In a 2012 Internet Society survey, ... of respondents agreed that censorship should exist in some form on the internet
monitoring behaviour
for example, employers recording the sites employees visit during work hours; and wearable technology counting steps etc.
February 2017
In ..., Mark Zuckerberg outlined a plan to let AI review content posted on Facebook, which will eventually be able to spot terrorism, violence, bullying and prevent suicide
Websites designed in one country can be viewed ... so consideration is needed to layout, colour and character sets
In countries where text is read from left to right, the ... appears on the left, but it often appears on the right in countries where text is read in reverse
German uses ... more space on average than English to communicate the same idea
This colour is seen as a safe colour choice as it has many positive associations around the world
Different ... have different connotations in different places, so it needs to be considered carefully when designing a website
This character set is often used when designing websites, as it allows translators to translate text more easily