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2.1.2 - Thinking Ahead

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The input of a computational problem is the ... relevant to it, for example the data passed as parameters to a subroutine
The output of a computational problem is the ... which could be passed back from a subroutine (for example)
a condition that must be met for a subroutine to be carried out, it is specified with the documentation for the function
Advantage of specifying Preconditions: ensures the user knows what ... need to be carried out before calling the subroutine
Advantage of specifying Preconditions: no preconditions mean that the subroutine should perform any checks, reducing unnecessary coding, making the program easier to debug and ...
Advantage of specifying Preconditions: the documentation of them with the inputs and outputs helps to make the program ...
temporary storage of program instructions or data that have been used once and may be needed again soon