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A2 1.1.2 - Types of Processor

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graphics processing unit
a specialised electronic circuit which is very efficient at manipulating graphics and image processing
GPUs have a massively parallel architecture consisting of thousands of smaller, more efficient ...
in parallel
due to the highly parallel structure of a GPU, they are suitable for tasks needing to process large blocks of visual data ...
financial transactions
GPUs can be used for machine learning, oil exploration, image processing and ...
a microprocessor designed to supplement the capabilities of the primary processor
GPUs can be used to accelerate scientific and engineering analytics as the code can run on the CPU and parts of the application that are ... can be sent to the GPU
flynn's taxonomy
classification of parallel computer architectures based on the number of instructions and data streams
single instruction, single data: single core CPU
single instruction, multiple data: GPUs, array processing
multiple instruction, multiple data: multi-core CPUs