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a candle
a round, usually long piece of wax with a wick (piece of string) that is burned for light
a century
a time period of 100 years
a culture
society, way of life
a curtain
a cloth covering usually hanging in front of a window, bathtub, shower stall, or theater stage
a decade
a period of 10 years
a festival
a public celebration or feast, usually of some special occasion
a flaw
something that is not perfect, a fault, imperfection
a harvest
the gathering of crops
a justification
having a good reason for doing something
a leap year
a year in which an extra day is added to the calendar
a prison sentence
the length of time a person must remain in prison
a revolution
a complete turn or circle made by something
exact, correct
a machine or a system used to cool air in buildings
all at once
an expression used to show that something happens at the same time
all year round
throughout the year
an astronomer
a scientist who studies heavenly bodies and outer space
very old, usually dating from more than 5,000 years ago to the fall of the Roman Empire in 476 A. D.
occurring every year
a mineral made of carbon, black or dark brown, dug from the ground and burned for heat, that also provides gas for burning
the process of consuming (eating, drinking, using things)
flow of energy used as a power source
equal, the same
a percentage paid on an amount of money
related to the moon
required, dictated by law, compulsory
related to today's life, current
no matter what
it makes no difference what
on a national scale
across the country
related to the sun
the moment when the sun appears in the east
the moment when the sun disappears in the west
to adjust
to feel comfortable
to adopt
to enact, formally approve something
to align
to place one or more objects in line with another
to be a step forward
an expression used to show that something is an improvement
to be at a higher rise of
to be in greater danger of
to be worth the trouble
to be important enough to make the effort
to commit a crime
to break the law
to conserve
to save
to consist of
to be made up of
to contradict
to be different, to disagree
to drift
to float
to fall in love with
to begin to love
to follow suit
to do the same thing
to generate
to produce, create
to have something in common
to have or do the same thing as someone else
to institute
to begin, to initiate
to make a proposal
to suggest a plan
to make up for lost time
to do something that you could not do before
to promote
to support, propose, especially for the public good
to revolve
to turn around something, move in a circle, to rotate
having a good reason for something, convincing