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On va voir un spectacle?

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On va voir un spectacle?
Shall we go and see a show?
(on) Monday
(on) Tuesday
(on) Wednesday
(on) Thursday
(on) Friday
(on) Saturday
(on) Sunday
le weekend prochain
next weekend
la semaine prochaine
next week
vendredi prochain
next Friday
samedi matin
on Saturday morning
dimanche après-midi
on Sunday afternoon
lundi soir
on Monday evening
Qu’est-ce que tu vas faire?
What are you going to do?
je vais
I am going
tu vas
you (singular; familiar) are going
il va
he is going
mon ami va
my friend (m.) is going
elle va
she is going
ma soeur va
my sister is going
on va
one is / we are going
nous allons
we are going
ma famille et moi allons
my family and I are going
vous allez
you (plural / polite) are going
ils vont
they (m.) are going
mes parents vont
my parents are going
elles vont
they (f.) are going
aller au match.
to go to the match.
aller au cinéma.
to go to the cinema.
faire les magasins.
to go shopping.
faire du patinage.
to go ice-skating.
faire du skate.
to go skateboarding.
jouer à des jeux vidéos.
to play video games.
manger au fast-food.
to eat at the fast-food restaurant.
voir un spectacle.
to see a show.
rester chez moi.
to stay at my house.