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Unit 13: Professions

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la profesión
el negociante
merchant (male)
la negociante
merchant (female)
el programador
computer programmer (male)
la programadora
computer programmer (female)
el dentista
dentist (male)
la dentista
dentist (female)
el médico
doctor, physician (male)
la médica
doctor, physician (female)
el electricista
electrician (male)
la electricista
electrician (female)
el granjero
farmer (male)
la granjera
farmer (female)
el abogado
lawyer, attorney (male)
la abogada
lawyer, attorney (female)
el músico
musician (male)
la música
musician (female)
el enfermero
nurse (male)
la enfermera
nurse (female)
el plomero
plumber (male)
la plomera
plumber (female)
el policía
la policía
el político
politician (male)
la política
politician (female)
el principal
principal (male)
la principal
principal (female)
el profesor
professor (male)
la profesora
professor (female)
el vendedor
shop assistant (male)
la vendedora
shop assistant (female)
el secretario
secretary (male)
la secretaria
secretary (female)
el militar
military serviceman
la militar
military servicewoman
el cantante
singer (male)
la cantante
singer (female)
el camionero
truck driver (male)
la camionera
truck driver (female)
el mesero
waiter (starts with m)
la mesera
waitress (starts with m)
el escritor
writer (male)
la escritora
writer (female)
el empresario
la empresaria
el camarero
waiter (starts with c)
la camarera
waitress (starts with c)