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Unit 36: More professions

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el contador
accountant (male)
la contadora
accountant (female)
el actor
la actriz
el arquitecto
architect (male)
la arquitecto
architect (female)
el conductor
bus driver (male)
la conductora
bus driver (female)
el carnicero
butcher (male)
la carnicera
butcher (female)
el carpintero
carpenter (male)
la carpintera
carpenter (female)
el cocinero
cook (male)
la cocinera
cook (female)
el químico
chemist (male)
la química
chemist (female)
el bailante
dancer (male)
la bailante
dancer (female)
el bombero
firefighter (male)
la bombera
firefighter (female)
el jardinero
gardener (male)
la jardinera
gardener (female)
el joyero
jeweler (male)
la joyera
jeweler (female)
el periodista
journalist (male)
la periodista
journalist (female)
el juez
judge (male)
la juez
judge (female)
el bibliotecario
librarian (male)
la bibliotecaria
librarian (female)
el cartero
la cartera
el mecánico
mechanic (male)
la mecánica
mechanic (female)
la estrella de cine
movie star
el farmacéutico
pharmacist (male)
la farmacéutica
pharmacist (female)
el reportero
reporter (male)
la reportera
reporter (female)
el científico
scientist (male)
la científica
scientist (female)
el espía
spy (male)
la espía
spy (female)
el taxista
taxi driver (male)
la taxista
taxi driver (female)
el veterinario
veterinarian (male)
la veterinaria
veterinarian (female)
to deliver
to cut