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La fille boit
the girl is drinking
Les flles boivent.
the girls are drinking
Le garçon mange
the boy is eating
Le garçon boit.
the boy is drinking.
La femme boit
the woman is drinking
Les hommes boivent.
the men are drinking
Il boit.
he is drinking
L’homme mange.
the man is eating
La femme mange.
the woman is eating
L’homme boit.
the man is eating
La fille mange
the girl is eating
Les garçons mangent
the boys are eating
Les femmes mangent.
the women are eating
ils mangent.
they are eating
La flle court.
the girl is running
Les flles courent.
the girls are running
Le garçon court.
the boy is running
L’homme court.
the man is running
Les hommes courent.
the men are running
La femme court.
the woman is running
Les femmes courent.
the women are running
Ils courent.
they are running
Il court.
he is running
La flle lit.
the girl is reading.
Le garçon lit.
the boy is reading
L’homme lit.
the man is reading
La femme lit.
the woman is reading
Les garçons lisent.
the boys are reading
Les hommes lisent.
the men are reading
Les femmes lisent.
the women are reading
La fille lit.
the girl is reading
Les filles lisent.
the girls are reading
Ils lisent.
they are reading
Elle lit.
she is reading
il cuisine.
he is cooking
Elle cuisine.
she is cooking
L’homme cuisine.
the man is cooking
Les hommes cuisinent.
the men are cooking
Elles cuisinent.
they are cooking
Ils cuisinent.
They are cooking
Les garçons nagent.
the boys are swimming
La fille nage.
the girl is swimming
L’homme nage.
the man is swimming
Les femmes nagent.
the women are swimming
il nage.
he is swimming
Ils nagent.
they are swimming
Elle écrit.
she is writting
Il écrit.
he is writting
Ils écrivent.
they are writting
Elles écrivent.
they are writting
Les filles écrivent.
the girls are writting
La fille écrit.
the girl is writting
La femme boit du café.
The boy is drinking milk.
Le garçon et l’homme boivent de l’eau.
The boy and the man are drinking water.