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que sea
(that) I am (permanent state)
que seas
(that) you're (permanent state)
que sea
(that) he is (permanent state)
que seamos
(that) we are (permanent state)
que seáis
(that) you may be (permanent state) (plur.)
que sean
(that) they are (permanent state)
que esté
(that) I am (temporary state)
que estés
(that) you're (temporary state)
que esté
(that) he is (temporary state)
que estemos
(that) we are (temporary state)
que estéis
(that) you are (temporary state) (plur.)
que estén
(that) they are (temporary state)
que haga
(that) I do
que hagas
(that) you do
que haga
(that) he does
que hagamos
(that) we do
que hagáis
(that) you do (plur.)
que hagan
(that) they do
que haya
(that) I have (auxiliary verb)
que hayas
(that) you have (auxiliary verb)
que haya
(that) he has (auxiliary verb)
que hayamos
(that) we have (auxiliary verb)
que hayáis
(that) you have (auxiliary verb) (plur.)
que hayan
(that) they have (auxiliary verb)
que pueda
(that) I can
que puedas
that you can
que pueda
(that) he can
que podamos
(that) we can
que podáis
(that) you can (plur.)
que puedan
(that) they can
que tenga
(that) I have (possession)
que tengas
(that) you have (possession)
que tenga
(that) he has (possession)
que tengamos
(that) we have (possession)
que tengáis
(that) you have (possession) (plur.)
que tengan
(that) they have (possession)
que ponga
(that) I put
que pongas
(that) you put
que ponga
(that) he put
que pongamos
(that) we put
que pongáis
(that) you put (plur.)
que pongan
(that) they put
que piense
(that) I think
que pienses
(that) you think
que piense
(that) he thinks
que pensemos
(that) we think
que penséis
(that) you think (plur.)
que piensen
(that) they think
que quiera
(that) I want
que quieras
(that) you want
que quiera
(that) he wants
que queramos
(that) we want
que queráis
(that) you want (plur.)
que quieran
(that) they want
que sepa
(that) I know (a fact)
que sepas
(that) you know (a fact)
que sepa
(that) he knows (a fact)
que sepamos
(that) we know (a fact)
que sepáis
(that) you know (a fact) (plur.)
que sepan
(that) they know (a fact)
que diga
(that) I say
que digas
(that) you say
que diga
(that) he says
que digamos
(that) we say
que digáis
(that) you say (plur.)
que digan
(that) they say
que dé
(that) I give
que des
(that) you give
que dé
(that) he gives
que demos
(that) we give
que deis
(that) you give (plur.)
que den
(that) they give
que venga
(that) I come
que vengas
(that) you come
que venga
(that) he comes
que vengamos
(that) we come
que vengáis
(that) you come (plur.)
que vengan
(that) they come
que vea
(that) I see
que veas
(that) you see
que vea
(that) he sees
que veamos
(that) we see
que veáis
(that) you see (plur.)
que vean
(that) they see
que vaya
(that) I go
que vayas
(that) you go
que vaya
(that) he goes
que vayamos
(that) we go
que vayáis
(that) you go (plur.)
que vayan
(that) they go