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que hablara
(that) I talked
que hablaras
(that) you talked
que hablara
(that) he talked
que habláramos
(that) we talked
que hablarais
(that) you talked (plur.)
que hablaran
(that) they talked
que comiera
(that) I ate
que comieras
(that) you ate
que comiera
(that) he ate
que comiéramos
(that) we ate
que comierais
(that) you ate (plur.)
que comieran
(that) they ate
que viviera
(that) I lived
que vivieras
(that) you lived
que viviera
(that) he lived
que viviéramos
(that) we lived
que vivierais
(that) you lived (plur.)
que vivieran
(that) they lived