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que fuera
(that) I was (permanent state)
que fueras
(that) you were (permanent state)
que fuera
(that) he was (permanent state)
que fuéramos
(that) we were (permanent state)
que fuerais
(that) that you were (permanent state) (plur.)
que fueran
(that) they were (permanent state)
que estuviera
(that) I was (temporary state)
que estuvieras
(that) you were (temporary state)
que estuviera
(that) he was (temporary state)
que estuviéramos
(that) we were (temporary state)
que estuvierais
(that) that you were (temporary state) (plur.)
que estuvieran
(that) they were (temporary state)
que hiciera
(that) I did
que hicieras
(that) you did
que hiciera
(that) he did
que hiciéramos
(that) we did
que hicierais
(that) you did (plur.)
que hicieran
(that) they did
que hubiera
(that) I had (auxiliary verb)
que hubieras
(that) you had (auxiliary verb)
que hubiera
(that) he had (auxiliary verb)
que hubiéramos
(that) we had (auxiliary verb)
que hubierais
(that) you had (auxiliary verb) (plur.)
que hubieran
(that) they had (auxiliary verb)
que pudiera
(that) I could
que pudieras
(that) you could
que pudiera
(that) he could
que pudiéramos
(that) we could
que pudierais
(that) you could (plur.)
que pudieran
(that) they could
que tuviera
(that) I had (possession)
que tuvieras
(that) you had (possession)
que tuviera
(that) he had (possession)
que tuviéramos
(that) we had (possession)
que tuvierais
(that) you had (possession) (plur.)
que tuvieran
(that) they had (possession)
que pusiera
(that) I put
que pusieras
(that) you put
que pusiera
(that) he put
que pusiéramos
(that) we put
que pusierais
(that) you put (plur.)
que pusieran
(that) they put
que pensara
(that) I thought
que pensaras
(that) you thought
que pensara
(that) he thought
que pensáramos
(that) we thought
que pensarais
(that) you thought (plur.)
que pensaran
(that) they thought
que quisiera
(that) I wanted
que quisieras
(that) you wanted
que quisiera
(that) he wanted
que quisiéramos
(that) we wanted
que quisierais
(that) you wanted (plur.)
que quisieran
(that) they wanted
que supiera
(that) I knew (a fact)
que supieras
(that) you knew (a fact)
que supiera
(that) he knew (a fact)
que supiéramos
(that) we knew (a fact)
que supierais
(that) you knew (a fact) (plur.)
que supieran
(that) they knew (a fact)
que dijera
(that) I said
que dijeras
(that) you said
que dijera
(that) he said
que dijéramos
(that) we said
que dijerais
(that) you said (plur.)
que dijeran
(that) they said
que diera
(that) I gave
que dieras
(that) you gave
que diera
(that) he gave
que diéramos
(that) we gave
que dierais
(that) you gave (plur.)
que dieran
(that) they gave
que viniera
(that) I came
que vinieras
(that) you came
que viniera
(that) he came
que viniéramos
(that) we came
que vinierais
(that) you came (plur.)
que vinieran
(that) they came
que viera
(that) I saw
que vieras
(that) you saw
que viera
(that) he saw
que viéramos
(that) we saw
que vierais
(that) you saw (plur.)
que vieran
(that) they saw
que fuera
(that) I went
que fueras
(that) you went
que fuera
(that) he went
que fuéramos
(that) we went
que fuerais
(that) you went (plur.)
que fueran
(that) they went