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que hablare
(that) I will talk
que hablares
(that) you will talk
que hablare
(that) he will talk
que habláremos
(that) we will talk
que hablareis
(that) you will talk (plur.)
que hablaren
(that) they will talk
que comiere
(that) I will eat
que comieres
(that) you will eat
que comiere
(that) he will eat
que comiéremos
(that) we will eat
que comiereis
(that) you will eat (plur.)
que comieren
(that) they will eat
que viviere
(that) I will live
que vivieres
(that) you will live
que viviere
(that) he will live
que viviéremos
(that) we will live
que viviereis
(that) you will live (plur.)
que vivieren
(that) they will live