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Hands - Body Language Signs Translation

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Submissive, truthful, honesty, appealing
Palm(s) up or open
Defensive, instruction to stop
Palm(s) up, fingers pointing up
Authority, strength, dominance
Palm(s) down
Striving for or seeking an answer
Palm up and moving up and down as if weighing
Seeking to be believed
Hand(s) on heart (left side of chest)
Aggression, threat, emphasis
Finger pointing (at a person)
Acknowledgement or confirmation
Finger point and wink
Finger pointing (in the air)
Warning, refusal
Finger wagging (side to side)
Admonishment, emphasis
Finger wagging (up and down)
Emphasis - especially the last word on a matter
Hand chop
Resistance, aggression, determination
Clenched fist(s)
Thoughtfulness, looking for or explaining connections or engagement
Finger tips and thumbs touching each other on opposite hands ('steepling')
Thoughtfulness and barrier
Steepled fingers pointing forward
Seeking or asking for calm, loss of control of a group or situation
Palms down moving up and down, fingers spread
Comforting habit, attention-seeking
Cracking knuckles
Frustration, negativity, anxiousness
Interwoven clenched fingers
Satisfaction, 'OK'
Index finger and thumb touching at tips
Positive approval, agreement, all well
Thumb(s) up
Disapproval, failure
Thumbs down
Self-comforting, frustration, insecurity
Thumb(s) clenched inside fist(s)
Undecided, in the balance
Hand held horizontally and rocked from side to side
Anticipation, relish
Rubbing hands together
Suppression, shock
Hand(s) clamped over mouth
Lying or exaggeration
Touching nose, while speaking
Lying or exaggeration
Scratching nose, while speaking
Thoughtfulness, suppressing comment
Pinching or rubbing nose, while listening
Day-dreaming, inattentive, socially disconnected, stress
Picking nose
Negative evaluation
Pinching bridge of nose
Rejection of or resistance to something
Hands clamped on ears
Indecision, self-comforting
Ear tugging
Hands clasping head
Hand stroking chin
Evaluation, tiredness or boredom
Hand supporting chin or side of face
Chin resting on thumb, index finger pointing up against face
Doubt, disbelief
Neck scratching
Hand clasping wrist
Flirting, or vexation, exasperation
Running hands through hair
Confidence, readiness, availability
Hand(s) on hip(s)
Disinterest, boredom
Hands in pockets
Alerting wish to speak
Removing spectacles
Mock sympathy or sadness
Playing an imaginary violin
Offensive - mockery, dissatisfaction, expression of inferior quality
Thumb and fingers formed into a tube and rocked side to side or up and down (mainly male)
Offensive - derision, contempt
Two-fingered V-sign, palm inward (mainly male)
Victory, peace
Two-fingered V-sign, palm outward