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Legs - Body Language Signs Translation

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Interest, attentiveness (according to direction)
Leg direction, sitting - general
Uncrossed legs, sitting - general
Parallel legs together, sitting (mainly female)
Caution, disinterest
Crossed legs, sitting - general
Interest or disinterest in direction of upper crossed knee
Crossing legs, sitting - specific change
Independent, stubborn
American or figure-4 leg cross
Resistant, stubborn
American or figure-4 leg cross with hand clamp
Arrogance, combative, sexual posturing
Open legs, sitting (mainly male)
Ankle lock, sitting
Aggression, ready for action
Splayed legs, standing
Standing 'at attention'
Insecurity or sexual posing
Legs intertwined, sitting (female)
Insecurity or submission or engagement
Legs crossed, standing (scissor stance)
Under pressure
Knee buckle, standing
Foot direction indicates direction of interest
Feet or foot direction or pointing
Directed towards dominant group member
Foot forward, standing
Relaxation, flirting, sexual
Shoe-play (female)