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Eyes - Body Language Signs Translation

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Creating, fabricating, guessing, lying, storytelling
Looking right (generally)
Recalling, remembering, retrieving 'facts'
Looking left (generally)
Visual imagining, fabrication, lying
Looking right and up
Imagining sounds
Looking right sideways
Accessing feelings
Looking right and down
Recalling images truthfulness
Looking left and up
Recalling or remembering sounds
Looking left sideways
Self-talking, rationalizing
Looking left down
Honesty - or faked honesty
Direct eye contact (when speaking)
Attentiveness, interest, attraction
Direct eye contact (when listening)
Interest, appeal, invitation
Widening eyes
Disbelief, upset, or tiredness
Rubbing eye or eyes
Eye shrug
Attraction, desire
Pupils dilated (enlarged)
Excitement, pressure
Blinking frequently
Blinking infrequently
Greeting, recognition, acknowledgement
Eyebrow raising (eyebrow 'flash')
Friendly acknowledgement, complicity (e.g., sharing a secret or joke)