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Saying and Said

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Nach tuirt sibh ?
Did You (p/p) not say?
Thuirt i
She said
Cha tuirt thu
You didn't say
An tuirt e ?
Did he say?
Nach tuirt iad ?
Did they not say?
Thuirt mi
I said
Thuirt sinn
We said
Cha tuirt mi
I didn't say
An tuirt mi ?
Did I say?
Nach tuirt mi ?
Did I not say?
Tha sibh ag ràdh
You (p/p) are saying
Tha mi ag ràdh
I am saying
Thuirt sibh
You (p/p) said
Tha i ag ràdh
She is saying
Cha tuirt sibh
You (p/p) didn't say
Tha sinn ag radh
We are saying
An tuirt sibh ?
Did You (p/p) say?