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A little Give and Take

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Thug thu
You took
Cha tug thu
You didn't take
An tug thu?
Did you take ?
Nach tug thu?
Did you not take ?
Thug mi
I took
Cha tug mi
I didn't take
An tug mi?
Did I take ?
Nach tug mi?
Did I not take ?
Thug i
She took
Cha tug i
She didn't take
An tug i?
Did she take ?
Nach tug i?
Did she not take ?
Thug e an duais do mo mhac.
He gave a prize to my son.
Thug iad mo thaigh air falbh.
They took my house away.
Thug i am post dhomh.
She gave me the post.
Co thug dhut e ?
Who gave it to you ?