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Indicates that the plan is not being done now.
The ability of the plan to fix the problems of the advantage
Reasons why doing the plan is a good idea, problems that the plan can address.
Does the plan meet the criteria provided by the Resolution?
Reasons why the plan leads to unwanted consequences.
The 1AC is either the speaker or the speech itself that begins the debate. This is the affirmative’s first speech in the debate, and this is where the entire debate begins. In high school debate, the
The 1NC is either the first negative speaker or speech itself. This speech, directly following the first affirmative constructive/cross-examination, is the beginning of the negative’s speeches. In hig
The 3 minute portion of the debate where the speaker is questioned by their opponent.
Focal point of the debate – the specific policy action advocated by the affirmative
– The first team who speaks in a policy debate – the goal of the affirmative is to prove that policy change is preferable
Second team to speak in a policy debate – the goal of the negative is to prove that the affirmative plan is a bad idea, often this is because the status quo is better.