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TPA Politics Disadvantage

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The Grand Old Party, Republican.
Something that is unpopular and lots of people hate.
The World Trade Organization, governs the trade of goods and services between countries.
Capitol Hill
The place where Congress meets, often used to describe Washington DC
Tea Party
A very conservative political movement that favors limits on government.
Trade Barriers
Things that stop trade between countries. Like taxes or walls.
Free Trade Agreements
AKA FTAs, treaties between two countries that create specific advantages to trading between themselves.
The process of international development that comes from sharing products, ideas, and interests.
Trade Promotion Authority
A bill used by the president to pass free trade agreements on a simply yes or no vote. Congress can't add amendments. Aka Fast Track
Fast Track
A bill used by the president to pass free trade agreements on a simply yes or no vote. Congress can't add amendments. Aka Trade Promotion Authority
Two parties not getting along. Democrats and Republicans hate each other.
Two parties getting along. Democrats and Republicans like each other.
Political Capital
The amount of power the President has to pass legislation.
Trans Pacific Partnership
A potential Free Trade Agreement being negotiated by the US that includes Chile, Australia, Japan, Mexico, etc but not China.
A foreign policy that seeks to remove a country from interactions with the world.
Pushing dangerous events to the verge of—or to the brink of—disaster
Interactions and laws between multiple countries
A situation where things are stuck and you can't make any more moves.
Taxes on imports or exports. A barrier to trade.
Two things that rely on one another. In international relations, it refers to the economic connections between countries that discourage states from being mean.
John Boehner
Congress person, Republican, House Majority Leader
A group of congresspeople representing a cause, Demcrats or farmers, for instance.
Doha Round
The latest set of negotiations to increase global trade by removing protectionist barriers. Part of the WTO.
Chamber of Commerce
A group that represents American businesses and lobbys Congress to get better laws for businesses.
Michael Froman
The current United States Trade Representative
Winners Win
An affirmative argument against a politics disadvantage that says that Obama will look good as a result of the plan because he will have taken action, which makes him look like a winner.
Trade Adjustment Assistance
A law that provides money and help to workers who may have lost their jobs because of free trade policies.
Bandwagon Effect
When a person joins a group or buys a product because everyone else is doing it.
A political condition where people take actions that are only in their interest, also used to describe international relations. Based upon Thomas Hobbes' Leviathan.
Very bad, like a brute. Used by Thomas Hobbes to describe life without government.