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Mexico POEs Part 3

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Engaged in business activities.
Acronym for the Customs and Border Protection agency
Economic Recovery
The Economic Phase following a recession, during which an economy grows again.
Operation Fast and Furious
A failed US policy from 2006,2011, where the US sold guns illegally in Mexico, hoping to trace them to criminals in Mexico.
Private Sector
The part of the economy controlled by individuals and businesses, not controlled by the government.
Trade Deficit
If a country imports more things than it exports.
Former President of Mexico, from 2006-2012
Gross Domestic Product
The market value of all officially recognized final goods and services produced within a country in a given period of time
Informal Economy
Unregulated selling and buying of goods and services, a blackmarket
The field of economics that studies the entire economy.
Petróleos Mexicanos, the state-owned oil company in Mexico.