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Lock away
Put someone in prison or a mental hospital for a very long time.
Mope around
Move around being miserable.
Pay for
Bring up
Raise a child.
Chew on
Thinks about something carefully before deciding.
Boss about
Use excessive authority to control people.
Bust up
End a relationship, usually angrily or after arguing.
Pile on
Exaggerate or talk in a way to affect someone's feelings.
Light out
Leave suddenly.
Wait upon
Provide someone with what they require.
Be onto
Pursue, be aware of someone's true nature.
Sleep off
Sleep in order to recover from excess alcohol, drugs, etc..
Toy with
Not eat much of a meal.
Fasten down
Tie something so that it doesn't move.
Farm out
[for someone in control] to send someone to work for someone else. / to send a child away to be cared for by someone; to send a child to boarding school: "We farmed out the kids."
Jack up
Raise a car to be able to do mechanical work.
Log off
Exit a computer system.
Burn out
Lose enthusiasm and energy to continue in a demanding job.
Mess around
Treat someone badly.
Well up
Experience an emotion or feeling, start to cry.
Head off
Leave somewhere to go to another place.
Mouth off
Speak angrily about something.
Fall under
Become controlled.
Snap up
Get, acquire or buy something quickly.
Draw even
Equalize one’s competitive position.
Hunt down
Search for someone to punish or kill them.
Grey out
Disable a function in a computer program, leaving it visible but not working.
Pull off
Start moving (vehicles).
Settle down
Start living a fixed and routine life.
Get it on with
Have sex with. [get it on with]
Close up
Completely close something.
Scout up
Try to find someone for a task or requirement.
Go along with