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Try out for
Be tested for a sports team.
Plump down
Put something in a place without taking care.
Bend down
Lower the top half of your body.
Play at
Pretend to be something.
Hit up
Ask someone for some money.
Tick off
Go out
Be sent.
Dry up
Be unable to speak.
Swan around
Move in a dramatic or affected manner.
Snap out of
Control negative emotions.
Toss back
Drink quickly.
Rub along
Have a reasonably good relationship.
Dredge up
Discover things about someone's past.
Pull for
Measure against
Evaluate or judge by comparison.
Try back
Phone back.
Urge on
Go through
Take it upon yourself
Take responsibility, often without consulting other people.
Chew up
Cut into small pieces with your teeth.
Scrape along
Manage with little money.
Run over
Explain quickly.
Call round
Show off
Display something you are proud of.
Bog off!
Get lost.
Wash down
Drink in order to swallow something solid.
Get behind with
Be late paying instalments for something..
Hold on
To hold tightly.
Crash out
Fall asleep.
Quieten down
Fall silent.
Ring up
to record the cost of an item on a cash register / Enter figures into a till or cash register.
Prey upon
Exploit or harm.
Play up to
Behave in a way expected.