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Go down
Happen, take place.
Stitch up
Sew something so that it is closed.
Nail down
Succeed or achieve something.
Freeze up
Be paralysed with fear.
Steal out
Leave in a stealthy or quiet manner.
Fall about
Laugh a lot.
Front up
Appear somewhere for a short time.
Stand out
Be extraordinary and different.
Screen out
Stand around
Spend time in a place waiting or doing nothing or very little.
Give up on
Lose faith in or stop believing in something or someone.
Gad about
Visit a lot of different places for pleasure.
Gear towards
Organise or arrange something for a particular purpose, audience, etc.
Finish up
Finally get somewhere, usually without planning to go there.
Sit back
Wait for something to happen without making any effort.
Hold with
Accept (usually negative).
Disagree with
Make someone feel sick or ill.
Talk at
Talk to someone and not give them a chance to reply or listen to them.
Palm off
Get someone to accept something that isn't true.
Bail out
Jump out of a plane because it is going to crash.
Block out
Stop light from entering or leaving.
Turn over
Give to the authorities.
Beaver away at
Work hard doing something.
Check out of
to pay your bill, return your room key, and leave a hotel
Go with
Date, have a relationship with.
Hose down
Invest heavily in or throw a lot of money at something.
Turn down
Fold the top covers of a bed down to make it ready for someone to go to sleep.
Damp off
When there is too much moisture and a plant is affected by fungal parasites.
Rent out
Let, grant a service or allow usage for a fee.
Shut down
Turn a computer off.
Boil down
Simplify, reduce to the essentials.
Take over
Assume control of a company or organisation.
Eke out
Make something like money last as long as possible.