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Go back
Return to, start doing something again.
Get up
Creep over
Start to have a negative feeling.
Buy out
Buy somebody's share in a company.
Sally forth
to go forth; to leave and go out: "Well, it's time to sally forth and drive to work." / Leave somewhere safe or comfortable.
Tie down
Secure something to prevent it moving.
Play up
Behave badly.
Take out
Borrow a library book.
Dish up
Serve food.
Hear about
Get to know some information.
Bash in
Break, damage or injure by hitting.
Hear out
Listen to everything someone has to say.
Zero in on
Direct or focus attention on.
Run after
Chase, pursue.
Make up
Stop being angry with someone.
Pick yourself up
Recover from a fall or problem.
Call in
Stop and visit.
Play on
Bail up
Rob someone at gunpoint.
Flame up
Burn brightly.
Wiggle out of
Avoid doing something.
Stand down
Leave a job or position so that someone else can take it.
Lock yourself away
Go somewhere away from people to study or work.
Firm up
Make things clearer in a negotiation or discussion.
Slip off to
to sneak away to some place
Swear down
Promise that something is true.
Dig out
Find something you haven't used, seen, etc, for a long time.
Square up
Pay back a debt.
Argue down
Try to persuade people not to accept a proposition, motion, etc.
Tie in
Agree, be connected or support.
Add on
Include in a calculation.
Cave in
Pat down
Search or frisk someone.