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Press ahead
Continue with something. [Press ahead]
Cop out
Choose an easy alternative.
Lean on
Put pressure on someone to get them to do what you want.
Flesh out
Add more details or information.
Let off
Not punish.
Let in
Allow someone to enter.
Polish off
Finish, consume.
Hit on
Have an idea.
Get along
Progress / To advance or make progress
Come into use
Start being used.
Talk into
Persuade someone to do something.
Start off on
Help someone to start a piece or work or activity.
Spin off
Form a separate company from part of an existing one.
Argue out
Argue about a problem to find a solution.
Spruce up
To smarten, make something neat and tidy.
Bawl out
Scold, shout at someone.
Make into
Change something into something else.
Luck out
Be very lucky.
Pass through
Visit a place without stopping or only stopping briefly.
Count for
Be recognised as important, worthwhile or valuable.
Tee up
Make preparations before starting or launching something.
Throw out
Get rid of.
Hold up
Rob with violence or threats thereof.
Want out
Want to leave a relationship or arrangement.
Stand up for
Defend, support.
Rope into
Get someone to help or become involved, usually when they don't want to.
Bargain for
Expect something to happen (usually negative).
Go into
Discuss in some detail.
Frighten off
Scare someone so much that they go away.
Call after
Name someone after somebody else.
Head out
Go out.
Rustle up
Make something quickly without much preparation.
Stiffen up
Become rigid.