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Saw off
To remove something by cutting it with a saw.
Scrape up
Manage to collect enough of something you need, usually money.
Fly by
When time appears to move quickly.
Throw up
Create clouds of dust or splash water into the air.
Talk through
Guide someone through an issue.
Reel off
Quote statistics or facts rapidly.
Ease up
Relax, calm down.
Top up
Refill something that isn't empty yet.
Split up
Divide into groups.
Come in
Receive news.
Wait about
Wait somewhere doing nothing.
Go before
Big up
Increase the size of muscles by exercise.
Look up
Improve. (Look up)
Carry off
Die of a disease.
Go over to
Go on a journey.
Take away
Press upon
Pressure someone to accept something offered. [Press upon]
Turn to
Take up a habit.
Meet with
Have something happen to you.
Bear up
Resist pressure.
Go on at
Pester, try to make someone do something by repeatedly asking or suggesting.
Plough through
Read something that is difficult or takes a lot of time.
Trip out
Be under the influence of psychoactive drugs.
Lock down
Make very secure.
Get through
Be accepted or passed (laws, proposals, etc).
Rough up
Get off
Leave a bus, train, etc..
Back out
Fail to keep an arrangement or promise.
Go out for
Become a candidate, apply for something.
Grow back
Grow again.
Pick up
Receive (a broadcast).
Hinge on
Depend very much or completely.