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Ask after
Enquire about someone's health, how life is going.
Fizzle out
End in an unsuccessful way.
Move out
Leave a place you live or work in.
Hand down
Pass on to the next generation.
Buy off
Pay someone to stop them causing trouble.
Go on
Be nearly a certain period of time.
Chow down on
Eat something.
Have it out with
Discuss or argue an issue to improve a situation.
Get in
Arrange for someone to do a job in your home, workplace, etc.
Fight back
Try to control and emotion and keep it hidden.
Buck up
Smarten up, improve.
Pick out
Come up
Dip into
Read parts of a book, but not all.
Come on
Start an illness.
Keep off
Not talk about.
Mash up
Break or damage.
Swing round
Change your opinion quickly.
Suck into
Become involved in something unpleasant.
Blow down
When the wind forces something to fall.
Shake up
Mix things in a container by shaking hard.
Get into
Be accepted or admitted.
Trade in
Leave your wife or husband to marry someone younger.
Talk out
Discuss a problem or issue to find a solution.
Dream of
Not think or consider.
Lift off
Leave the ground- rocket or spaceship.
Play around
Be silly.
Latch onto
Connect to something.
Boil over
When a hot liquid spills out of a container.
Feed off
Eat a food as part of an animals diet.
Paper over
Try to conceal a problem without really fixing it.
Decide upon
Choose, select.
Wash over
Suddenly experience a strong emotion.