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Charge with
Accuse somebody of a crime.
Fiddle away
Waste time.
Bubble over
Become very excited.
Shout down
Make so much noise to stop someone being heard.
Run with
to stay in the company of someone or some group.
Make up to
Increase a sum received to a higher figure.
Work on
Improve or develop. (Work on)
Clear up
Cure or recover from an infection.
Play with
Touch and move something to occupy your hands.
Get about
Visit many places.
Get out of
Make someone give something to you.
Knock off
Finish work for the day.
Rub out
Delete ink or pencil with an eraser.
Hand on
Give to someone else.
Take off
Make great progress.
Top off
Finish something in a special way.
Touch off
Cause a problem to occur.
Stem from
Originate, be caused by.
Measure out
Weigh or measure an exact amount.
Luck into
Get something by chance.
Carry on with
Have an affair.
Wiggle out
Avoid doing.
Kick back
Pay someone illegally as part of the price.
Slip down
Be enjoyable to drink or eat.
Stamp out
Get rid of something.
Dob in
Pressure someone into doing something.
Eat up
Eat all of something.
Move on
Make people move from a place.
Get to
Start discussing a topic.
Hold off
Stop someone from attacking or beating you.
Break down
Start crying.
Stack up
Build up the number of planes waiting to land at an airport.
Be down
Be reduced or less.