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Stand for
The words represented by certain initials.
Throw over
Reject, refuse to accept.
Rat on
Fail to keep a promise.
Close down
Close a shop, branch or business permanently.
Tag along
Accompany someone, especially if they haven't specifically invited you.
Shut up
Stop talking or making noise.
Get down
Have an affair or sexual relations.
Check off
Mark something on a list as done.
Weigh down on
Burden with responsibilities, duties, etc.
Fob off onto
to get rid of someone or something by transferring someone or something to someone.
Staff up
Employ someone for something specific.
Tail back
Form a traffic jam.
Hook up to
Connect to a machine.
Step down
Reduce. (Step down)
Wait on
Sell goods in a shop.
Go for
Pass for or serve as.
Blare out
A loud sound or music.
Get away
Move, leave somewhere.
Bitch up
Spoil or ruin something. (Bitch up)
Sit on
Hold information back or keep it secret.
Go over
Look at something, revise.
Tell on
Report someone to an authority.
Cross out
Put as line through some writing to show it is wrong.
String up
Hang somebody.
Get out!
Expression of disbelief.
Line up
Arrange in a line.
Be up for
Be enthusiastic about an upcoming event.
Drop by
Pay a brief visit.
Slough off
Lose or shed outer layers of skin.
Have on
Be in possession at a particular time.
Go off
Take place, follow a plan or pattern.
Limber up
Do some exercises to warm up before playing a sport or other physical activity.
Come down upon
Criticise, reprimand severely.