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Talk yourself out / talk yourself out of something
Talk until you have nothing left to say / to persuade someone not to do something, or to decide not to do something
Tear into
Criticise strongly or angrily.
Move ahead
Make progress, often after a pause or delay.
Get onto
Enter a plane, train, etc.
Fool about
Be unfaithful.
Grow on
Have a greater influence or degree of acceptance.
Tie up
Block a road, etc.
Pig off
Used to tell someone to get lost or leave you alone.
Nip off
Go somewhere quickly.
Root about
Look in a place to try to find something.
Head for
Move or travel towards.
Step to
Chat, talk to.
Toss off
Write something quickly and carelessly.
Stand by
Be ready and waiting for something to happen.
Butt in
Peg out
Die / to stop working
Grow up
Arise, emerge.
Sponge on
Accept or get money without doing any work.
Climb down
Accept that you are wrong and change your position.
Move up
Move to a higher level.
Give way to
Be replaced by something better, cheaper, more modern, etc.
Rip off
Charge excessively or obtain money unfairly.
Be up to
Doing something naughty or wrong.
Play off
Play a game to decide who the winner is.
Send off
Post a letter.
Goof off
Avoid or leave work.
Burn down
Burn completely.
Trump up
Charge or accuse someone falsely.
Look out
Be careful.
Break off
Break a piece from something.
Have round
Entertain someone in your home.
Throw in
to include something extra with something that you are selling, without asking for more money / Add something to a deal.
Trot out
Make a statement (meant negatively) / to show someone or something in public in order to get attention