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Get off
Say or write something funny.
Burst into
Catch fire very quickly.
Contract out of
Formally leave and agreement.
Keep around
Keep something near you.
Run up against
Encounter problems, often unexpected.
Choke out
Clog or overwhelm.
Cross up
Confuse, deceive.
Zip up
Keep quiet.
Come around
Recover consciousness.
Close down
Stop an opponent being a challenge.
Measure off
Measure something and mark the point where it ends or will be cut.
Flag up
Raise an issue, or highlight its importance.
Hang on
Give out
Make a sound or noise.
Give up on
Stop feeling hope.
Go over to
Become converted.
Pick up on
Comment on something said earlier in a conversation.
Buck up
Hurry (either transitive or reflexive).
Plump yourself down
Sit down heavily.
String together
Put words together into a coherent text.
Go on
Start doing or taking something.
Put on
Get fat.
Knuckle down
Make a great effort.
Catch on
Finally understand what is going on.
Rain off
Be postponed or stopped by rain (usually passive).
Slug it out
Fight or argue.
Drop out
Quit a course.
Claw back
Retake possession with difficulty.
Sign off
Give someone a letter to be away from work.
Hit it off with
Like someone from the first time you meet them.
Send out for
Order takeaway food by phone.
Well up
Feel tears starting.
Dump on
Tell someone your problems.