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Get about
Have personal or sexual relationships with many people.
Leave on
Not turn off.
Double up
Share accommodation because there are too many people.
Take off
When a plane departs or leaves the ground.
Fit in with
Be convenient or occur conveniently.
Double over
Bend over at the waist.
Dress up
Dress very smartly.
Blow over
When a scandal gets forgotten.
Pack away
Put something where it belongs.
Bear down on
Move towards.
Give way to
Relinquish position or ascendancy.
Plough back
Re-invest money you have made into a business.
Bulk up
Gain weight, develop bigger muscles.
Leap out at
Be very noticeable.
Trickle down
Pass benefits from economic expansion through the economy to the less fortunate.
Bail out
Remove water from something that is flooded.
Goof up
Mess, spoil.
Kiss off
Used to tell someone to go away.
See into
Accompany someone into an office.
Pick up
Usher in
Make important changes happen.
Lie down
Be on
Be functioning (of machines).
Tear away
Stop someone doing something unwillingly.
Clam up
Be quiet, refuse to speak.
Tick away
Pass (of time).
Drift off
Start to fall asleep.
Be down with
Be ill.
Zoom in
Focus more closely.
Grind on
Talk endlessly.
Live for
Believe something is extremely important.
Tap out
Play a rhythm quietly.
Allow of
Make possible, permit.