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Ham up
Perform or act in an excessive way to attract attention or amuse people.
Bottom out
Pass the lowest point and start rising.
Rub off on
Pass a quality or characteristic to people.
Size up
Assess a situation or person carefully..
Cling to
Try to maintain beliefs, hopes, etc..
Pull back
Score a goal or point when losing.
Get away
Tick off
Put a mark on an item in a list when it has been dealt with.
Grow up
Mature, become adult.
Use up
Finish or consume all of something.
Urge on
Persuade or pressure to accept something.
Be up to
Be good enough.
Front off
Confront someone and let them know you are prepared to fight.
Slip by
Lose an opportunity or the chance of winning, succeeding, etc.
Hang together
Work together when things are difficult.
Rope off
Extend ropes or barriers across or around an area.
Square off
Confront someone or prepare to fight them.
Cry off
To cancel an arrangement.
Home in on
Do without
Manage without something.
Put up to
Encourage someone to do something.
Turn down
Reduce volume, temperature, etc..
Blank out
Censor text so that words cannot be read.
Knock back
Finish a drink quickly, drink a lot of alcohol.
Hound out
Force someone out of a place, job, position, etc..
Poop out
Get too tired to do something.
Set upon
Set up
Provide someone with the money needed to live.
Jack in
Quit, give up.
Shoot away
Leave somewhere quickly.
Yield to
Cut down
Reduce a vertical thing to ground level by cutting.
Get by
Have just enough money to live on.