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Sit in for
Take on someone's responsibilities while they are absent.
Sail into
Criticise angrily.
Give off
Put out
Die off
Become extinct.
Weigh in on
Enter an argument or discussion to express a strongly felt idea.
Stick up for
Support or defend.
Pass by
Visit briefly.
Make up
Invent a story.
Take it
Accept criticism.
Tighten up
Make something more secure or function better.
Round off
Finish something in a satisfactory manner.
Clear away
Leave a place.
Give in to
Agree to something you don't like.
Fall back on
Be able to use in an emergency.
Come round
Change your opinion.
Kiss up to
Try to get into someone's favour.
Screw over
Treat harshly or cheat.
Keep up
Maintain a continuous action, persist.
Sit through
Stay till the end of something dull.
Play with
Not eat much of a meal.
Lash out at
Criticise someone or shout at them.
Breeze in
Enter a place quickly.
Look on as
Consider, regard.
Make out
Understand someone's nature or personality.
Face up to
Accept an unpleasant truth.
Go into
Be dedicated or devoted.
Talk round
Suck up to
Ingratiate yourself with someone.
Rattle off
Quote figures rapidly.
Spring from
Be the cause of something.
Slow up
Slow the progress of something.
Do in