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Run down
Find the source or origin of something.
Buy in
Force a CD or record into the charts by buying lots of copies.
Fall for
Be attracted to somebody, fall in love.
Fluff up
Shake or pat a cushion so that it fills with air.
Pass around
Give out to everybody there.
Close off
Block a place to stop people entering.
Mess with
Become involved in something damaging or dangerous.
Get into
Be small enough to wear something.
Ask round
Invite someone.
Boss around
Use excessive authority to control people.
Grind away
Keep working at something.
Get off with
Have casual sex with.
Look round
Inspect a house.
Suit up
Get dressed or put on a uniform for an activity or task.
Keep up with
Stay up to date.
Take out
Go out socially with someone, especially a date.
Give over to
Transfer responsibility.
Get on for
Be near a time.
Iron out
Remove small problems or irregularities.
Look through
Read quickly.
Roll on!
Said when you can't wait for something nice in the future.
Send off for
Order something by post.
Put away
Put something back in the correct place.
Stay on
Remain longer than anticipated.
Hit back
Attack or criticise.
Run over
Exceed a time limit.
Plow through
Eat a big meal.
Black out
Lose light.
Tap into
Use or exploit a plentiful resource for your benefit.
Toy with
Consider something, but not very seriously.
Forge ahead
Move forwards very quickly.
Hunker down
Settle in a place as comfortably as possible to stay there.
Link up with
Connect with someone or contact them.