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Fend off
Push an attacker away.
File for
Apply for something legally, like divorce or bankruptcy.
Blow out
Extinguish candles, matches, etc..
Embark upon
Start a project or venture.
Count on
Expect something to happen and base plans on it.
Get back into
Start doing something after stopping for some time.
Feel up
Touch sexually, grope.
Rein in
Control someone or something to stop them causing more trouble.
Fall in
Sign out
Close a computer program that requires a name and password.
Shake out
Shake clothes, cloths, etc to remove dirt or creases.
Come out
When the sun appears.
Break out
Start (war, conflict).
Ride on
Depend on.
Dwell on
Spend a lot of time on something.
Stop out
Be out late, especially when you are expected home.
Be off
Depart, leave.
Hold back
Not disclose information or make it public.
See off
Go to the airport, station, etc., to say goodbye to someone.
Spin off
Create a TV show using characters from a popular show.
Reel out
Bottle up
Not express your feelings.
Play off
Make people compete against each other so that you benefit.
Mope about
Move around being miserable.
Fit in
Have enough time or space for something.
Get onto
Be elected, appointed.
Book in
Check in at a hotel.
Gloss over
Try to minimise the importance of something.
Follow on
In cricket, if the second team to bat doesn't score enough runs, it has to bat again.
Pitch in
Work together to help achieve an objective.
Pop off
Go out for a short time.
Spring up
Appear suddenly.
Chew over
Think about an issue.