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Pull in
When a train arrives at a station.
Gear up
Get ready for a busy period.
Pile up
Set aside
Overturn a court verdict or decision.
Think over
Consider something carefully.
Duck out of
Avoid doing something.
Wrap round
Cover or encircle with part of your body.
Pack out
Fill a venue.
Bang up
Put someone in prison.
Hold forth
State your opinions about something, especially when talking for a long time and boringly.
Go to
Allocate money.
Churn out
Produce, usually quickly or in large amounts without much regard to quality.
Stuff up
Make a mistake, do badly, spoil.
Feed on
Consume in an animal's diet.
Crank up
Start a machine, originally with a handle.
Gnaw away at
Harm gradually.
Venture forth
Leave somewhere safe or comfortable.
Touch up
Improve the appearance of something.
Empty out
Remove some things or everything from a container.
Add up
To make a mathematical total.
Sign on
Spill over
Flow over the edge or top of a container.
Put over
Successfully execute (a scam, trick, etc.).
Have it away
Have sex with someone, especially casual sex.
Hose down
Use a hose to wet, clean or wash something.
Chime in
Contribute to a discussion.
Sit in
Occupy a building to protest about something.
Lay off
Make an employee redundant.
Rake up
Bring something back to people's attention.
Strike down
Disallow a law, decision, etc.
Draw into
Get involved in something unpleasant.
Pass to
Give ownership or responsibility to someone.
Dream up
Invent something, have an idea.