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Cut in
Drive in front of another vehicle without warning.
Cut back
Remove branches from a plant or tree to encourage future growth.
Stop behind
Stay somewhere when other people leave.
Beef up
Make something stronger or more solid.
Stick out
Continue doing something difficult or unpleasant.
Fit out with
Provide someone with necessary equipment.
Take down
Make notes or write down in full.
Scout around
Look in different places for something.
Conjure up
Create a picture or memory in someone's mind.
Pay down
Pay a debt over time.
Ease off
Reduce pressure.
Stare down
Look at someone until they cannot look at you.
Slow down
Become less active. [Slow down]
Branch out
Move into a different area of business, etc..
Mess about
Have a sexual relationship outside marriage or a permanent relationship.
Gang up against
Harass, bully (in a group).
Fall behind
Make less progress.
Max out
Take something to the limit, reach a limit.
Drop away
Become smaller- amount, numbers.
Lash out
Suddenly become violent.
Catch out
Discover or prove that someone is lying.
Butt out
Not be involved in other people's business.
Drag on
Be unnecessarily long.
Drop around
Visit someone, often without making an arrangement.
Be off
Be bad (of food).
Cash in
Convert shares, bonds, casino chips, etc, into money.
Act upon
To take action because of something like information received.
Zone out
Dissociate yourself from a situation.
Spring back
Return to original position after being bent, forced or when pressure is removed.
Slip off
Leave a place discreetly.
Tuck away
Put something in a safe place.
Stomp off
Leave somewhere angrily.
Hold together
Not break up.