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Cling on
Hold tight.
Come about
Shift direction (nautical).
Come back
Tune out
Ignore, not pay attention.
Stick by
Support a plan, opinion or decision.
Take over
Start a job or position that someone had occupied before you.
Fob off with
Make or persuade someone to accept something of lower quality than they wanted.
Swing by
Visit a person or place on your way somewhere.
Bug out
Open your eyes wide in surprise.
Bend over backwards
Do a lot to try to help or please someone.
Bail up
Talk to someone and delay them.
Flounce off
Leave a place or walk away from someone angrily.
Go ahead
Chuck in
Make a comment.
Peel away from
Leave a group by moving in a different direction.
Rack up
Stay away from
Avoid, not come.
Botch up
Ruin or spoil something.
Keep back
Maintain a safe distance.
Stick out for
Demand a salary raise.
Get across
Move something from one side to the other.
Answer for
Speak on behalf of someone or from knowing them.
Spill out
Express or display emotions openly.
Mix up
Come across
Agree to have sex with someone.
Sign up
Rub in
Apply a substance like cream or ointment and rub it until it is absorbed.
Short out
Short circuit.
Get back together
Restart a relationship.
Eat into
Use something valuable when you don't want to.
Have up
Make someone appear in court.
Run after
Try to become romantically involved with someone.
Crumb down
Clear a table in a restaurant.