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Team up
Work with someone or a group to achieve something.
Go it
Move or drive very fast.
Rush into
Do something too quickly.
Pencil in
Make a provisional appointment.
Grow apart
Become distant, stop having a close relationship because time, distance, interests, etc, have changed.
Tip over
Spill, make something fall on its side.
Turn against
Stop liking and start disliking.
Wean off
Slowly stop a dependency on something.
Spit out
Say something angrily.
Run off
Make photocopies.
Go off
Explode (bomb), start ringing (alarm).
Send up
Imitate/impersonate for comic effect.
Get it
Be punished or scolded.
Care for
Step to
Allow for
Include something in a plan or calculation.
Check over
Check something very carefully.
Look up to
Get away!
An expression of disbelief.
Go along with
Accept a decision or suggestion.
Wheel around
Turn quickly and face in the opposite direction.
Pin on
Attach the blame to someone.
Touch down
Land (planes).
Rake off
Cheat someone by charging them too much.
Pull ahead
Overtake, move in front.
Issue forth
Come out of a place.
Key in on
Focus attention on, single out.
Filter in
Move into a lane of traffic without making other cars stop.
Move up
Move to make space.
Kick about
Kick up
Cause trouble or pain.
Drop off
Decrease in number or amount.
Shake off
Get rid of an illness.