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Blow up
Lose your temper, become angry.
Hinge on
Be an essential point for the development of a story.
Hold down
Stop someone or something from moving.
Wake up
Stop sleeping.
Lock out
Close a workplace to stop workers entering.
Tack onto
Add or attach something that wasn't planned to something.
Stop over
Stay somewhere when on a journey.
Mop up
Eat a sauce with bread to finish it.
Be up
Have increased or risen.
Keep on
Chuck away
Dispose of something you no longer need or want.
Lark it up
Enjoy yourself noisily and exuberantly.
Fight off
Resist an illness or emotion.
Head up
Be in charge.
Stick with
Not be forgotten.
Fawn over
Praise someone in an excessive way to get their favour or something from them.
Play out
Unwind (e.g., fishing line).
Fatten up
Give an animal a lot to eat to make it fat.
Bail out of
Pay a bond to release someone from jail.
Snarl up
Ball up
Roll or form into a round shape.
Do up
Repair and renovate.
Pair off with
Form a pair with someone.
Fall out
Lose hair.
Rule out
Exclude a possibility.
Let out
Make clothes bigger.
Wait on
Provide someone with everything they need or want.
Have around
Entertain someone in your home.
Come before
Appear in court charged with a crime or offence.
Crash out
Sleep at someone's house because you are too tired, drunk, etc. to leave.
Cobble together
Make, assemble or produce something quickly, without much care.
Give up to
Denounce, report to authorities.
Look up
Consult a reference work (dictionary, phonebook, etc.) for a specific piece of information..