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Go up
Be heard.
End up with
Get as a result of something.
Fill up
Fill something completely.
Boot up
Start a computer.
Smoke out
Force someone out of a place they're hiding in.
Hang about
Spend time somewhere not doing much.
Lock away
Lock in a safe place.
Leap at
Take an opportunity enthusiastically.
Lead on
Falsely or cruelly raise hopes.
Potter about
Spend time doing little things for pleasure.
Balls up
Spoil, ruin.
Break off
End a relationship.
Belt out
Sing something loudly.
Side with
Support someone.
Be fed up
Be bored, upset or sick of something.
Follow up
Do something to check or improve an earlier action.
Go after
Chase, try to get.
Mark down
Give a student a lower grade for a particular reason.
Grow upon
Become gradually more evident.
Fiddle about
Waste time doing silly things, or doing things unsuccessfully.
Latch on to
Understand something, often after a long time.
Ask in
To invite somebody into your house.
Fall over
Fall on the ground.
Power off
Cut the electricity to a computer or device to turn it off.
Bottle out
Lack courage to do something.
Chew off
Remove by biting.
Grow into
Develop or change over time to fit something.
Pull over
Stop by the side of the road.
Lash out
React angrily.
Divide up
Touch on
Trot off
Count among
Include someone or something in a group, category, etc.