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Fend for
Take care of yourself or someone with help from other people.
Get out of
Make someone confess or tell the truth.
Give it to
Criticise harshly or punish someone for something.
Fence in
Enclose an area.
Trot off to
Go somewhere.
Plump for
Shoot for
Have as a goal.
Make towards
Head in the direction.
Live through
Experience different times.
Get along with
Have a good relationship with someone.
Bleed out
Cause sufficient blood loss to result in death.
Go in for
Enter a competition or sit an exam.
Chew up
Damage something inside a machine.
Go under
Ramble on
Talk at length without getting to the point.
Frown on
Figure out
Find the answer to a problem.
Grow away from
Become less friendly with.
Bring out
Elicit a response.
Waltz through
Pass or succeed easily.
Answer back
To reply rudely to someone in authority.
Back away
Retreat or go backwards.
Go on with
Continue doing.
Ship off
Send someone away, often because of a problem.
Count out
Jump at
Accept eagerly.
Pull on
Put clothes on.
Tag with
Add a keyword link or bookmark to a blog entry or webpage.
Shy away from
Avoid doing something because you lack confidence.
Board out
Arrange for pets to stay somewhere while you're away.
Catch up on
Do something that should have been done earlier.
Screen out
Block light.
Hive off
Separate part of a company or service, often by selling it.