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Cut out on
Let down, snub.
Reel in
Catch a fish on a line and pull the line to land.
Get by on
Manage on a certain amount of money.
Call in
Get someone to come and do a job.
Straighten out
Improve someone's behaviour.
Go by
The passing of time.
Wander off
Leave a place, usually without telling other people.
Flick through
Change TV channels repeatedly.
Knock out
Hit and make somebody unconscious.
Dig up
Make a hole in a road, the ground, etc.
Buckle up
Fasten a seatbelt.
Clear up
Improve (weather).
Fix up
Make an arrangement.
Argue down
Persuade someone to drop the price of something they're selling.
Key on
Target, focus on (sport).
Dry out
Stop drinking or taking drugs when addicted.
Walk into
Get work without effort.
Pull down
Make someone depressed.
Beat up
Attack violently.
Lay on
Organise, supply.
Hang up on
End a phone call with someone.
Speak up
Talk more loudly.
Sneak up on
Approach someone furtively.
Chalk out
To cut a line of cocaine.
Ghost away
Remove someone secretly of discreetly.
Bolster up
Give support, reinforce, strengthen.
Sleep through
Not wake up.
Enter into
Become involved in or accept.
Throw away
Discard something when no longer needed.
Get away from
Start to talk about something that is not relevant to the discussion.
Straighten up
Stand straight.
Ring back
Return a phonecall.
Steal over
Be gradually overcome by an emotion or feeling.